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The Business Organisation, typically the self-employed Professional or Sole Proprietor and Company or Close Corporation which depends on its continued well-being and existence on the skill and management of its proprietors.

Whatever the profile of the business, from inception, good business management is critical, requiring more and more time, attention and expertise as the business grows. A new or established business proprietor – whether qualified professional, entrepreneur or heir to the family concern – often lacks the time and the expertise to identify and satisfy the financial managerial needs of the enterprise adequately.

Without appropriate financial management there is the very real danger that the managerial efforts of the proprietors become reactive – driven by the need for survival tactics – rather than pro-active i.e. working towards the introduction of strategies designed to generate profitable growth and customer satisfaction.

We at Wilder Lockitch are able to offer the business proprietor confronted with the reality of this problem a cost effective solution in a form tailored to his particular needs and resources.

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