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Our new partner – Izel Haumann

Posted by: Ibay | Posted on: April 7th, 2016 | 0 Comments

We have great pleasure in announcing that Izel Haumann has been admitted as a partner as of 1 March 2016. Izel studied and obtained her B.Acc degree at University of Stellenbosch and her BCompt (Honours) from Unisa. She completed her learnership with Rademeyer and Wesson, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and will be registering as a Registered Auditor.

Izel has been with us for four years in the capacity of Audit Manager. She qualified as a Registered Assessor and has taken over full responsibility for our learners and the training process. She married André in August 2013 and they both enjoy a love for the outdoors which has further developed her interest in photography.

We look forward to many fruitful and happy years together.

Year end message

Posted by: Ibay | Posted on: December 15th, 2015 | 0 Comments

South Africans are reeling at the host of negative economic circumstances that have occurred this year. To mention a few, there is the slowdown in Chinas economy that has depressed commodity prices, the lowering of estimates of our own GDP growth, the reduction in our credit rating with the fear that we may be rated down to junk status, the percentage of borrowings to GDP, and the continued high level of corruption.

On top of all this is the drop in the rand against all major currencies and the quickening of this due to the shock of the changes of finance ministers without explanation and the anticipation of a further fall when America increases its interest rates.

The financial world here is in turmoil with the only advice suddenly being to get out of the rand and into another currency such as the dollar.

A further aspect of great concern is reading opinions saying that our tax revenue is starting to be undermined and naturally the consequences of this.

We, however, have great belief and faith in the resilience of our clients. Confident that they will make the correct decisions to ride out the storms, to innovate and ultimately to emerge stronger.

We at Wilder Lockitch, with our range of competencies, are ready to assist our clients whenever necessary when asked to do so.

Our office will close for the holidays on Friday, 18 December ’15 at 12h00 and will re-open on Monday, 11 January ’16.

With that we wish all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a wonderful festive season.

Wilder Lockitch Family News

Posted by: Ibay | Posted on: December 15th, 2015 | 0 Comments

• Barry Lockitch & Gavin Hapgood-Strickland passed their IRBA reviews.
• Lizette Aldrich got engaged.
• Lizahn Coetzee is getting married on 18 December ’15 and will return after the holidays as Mrs du Plessis.

Congratulations and well done to Barry, Gavin, Lizette & Lizahn!

Clampdown on tax evasion

Posted by: Ibay | Posted on: December 15th, 2015 | 0 Comments

South Africans with undeclared offshore funds may only have a few months to get their affairs in order or risk facing significant penalties and even criminal prosecution as revenue authorities start the automatic exchange of information.

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS), a set of global standards that govern how tax authorities in participating countries share information about the financial assets of their taxpayers, comes into operation from next year. Read More

Last Will and Testaments

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“With reference to Greek Mythology it has often been said that the other bank of the river Styx is lined with the shades of dissatisfied testators waiting to receive their judicial parsonages from those who have misconstrued their wills”

Everybody who has assets should have a will. One can have a very simple will drafted in concise language setting out the testators wishes.

It is however advised that more complex wills should be drafted by an Attorney, Accountant or Financial Advisor so that there can hopefully be no ambiguity in the determination of the testators wishes after death. Read More

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